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                     accepts any, and all, photo submissions and illustrations. 

Initially, please send low res JPGS files to: 

SELECTION CRITERIA Technical and creative quality.


PLEASE NOTE So many submissions conform to the conventions of fashion photography and stereotypes which depend on Photoshop rather than Photography.

WHAT DO WE WANT? Wit, style and texture – to create a magazine 

which ‘breathes’.

"Photography is the story I fail to put 
into words”.

There is one thing which photography must contain - the humanity of the moment.”

DEADLINE:  1st JULY 2022

EDITORIAL PHOTO SHOOTS We would like to revive the sense of anticipation previously associated with magazines – consequently, editorials are published conditional on 12 months international exclusivity in print and online, however, we will occasionally consider extraordinary photo shoots that have received

minimal exposure.

BARBERSHOP & SALON COLLECTIONS  we recognise that your pictures and collections are submitted to magazines around the world, and we will consider them for publication on the AND MEN website, APP, in print -
or all three.

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About diversity.
Creating a dynamic magazine which
encourages men to
assert their individuality and discover their own sense of style.

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